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Enhancing Online Presence for NDIS Providers: A Web Audit Approach

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September 17, 2023 

If you're an NDIS provider seeking to enhance your online presence beyond your company's website, there are proactive steps you can take. One highly effective approach is to conduct a comprehensive web audit of your current website.

A web audit can yield significant improvements in accessibility, user experience, trustworthiness, and conversion rates. This, in turn, enables you to effectively connect with and serve your target audience while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

In this article, we will delve into the advantages of obtaining a web audit from a Melbourne website development agency. We'll also discuss what to anticipate during the audit process and the actions you can take once you have the results in hand.

Demystifying the Web Audit

A web audit, often referred to as a website audit or web analysis, involves a thorough evaluation of a website's performance, structure, content, and overall health. The primary objective of a web audit is to improve the website's performance, elevate the user experience, and align it with the organization's business goals.

Web audits are typically conducted by professionals who specialize in web development, design, local search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, and digital marketing. These experts possess the expertise and tools needed to assess various aspects of a website, including its performance, functionality, design, content, and other crucial elements.

Experts who commonly perform web audits are usually the following:

  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • SEO specialists
  • Content strategists
  • User Experience (UX) designers
  • Accessibility experts
  • Digital marketers
  • Data analysts
  • Security professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Usability testers

The Five Advantages of Web Audits

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Conducting a web audit can be incredibly beneficial for NDIS providers looking to enhance their website. It can help with the following areas:

1. User experience improvement. NDIS providers serve individuals with disabilities and their families. Conducting a web audit is crucial to ensure that the website is accessible and user-friendly for people with diverse abilities. This audit can pinpoint usability issues, navigation challenges, and design elements that might otherwise impede a positive user experience.

2. Accessibility compliance. Websites of NDIS providers need to adhere to accessibility standards to ensure that users, including those with disabilities, can access the services provided. A web audit can assess the website's compliance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and recommend adjustments to meet accessibility requirements.

3. Service information and clarity. NDIS providers offer a range of services and support options. Engaging a web audit conducted by a Melbourne website development specialist can play a crucial role in ensuring that service information is presented clearly. This clarity helps potential clients understand what services are available and how to access them effectively.

4. Forms and contact points. NDIS providers frequently rely on users to complete forms or reach out with inquiries. A web audit is instrumental in evaluating the effectiveness of these forms, contact methods, and the overall communication process. By identifying areas that may be causing friction, the audit can suggest improvements to streamline interactions and enhance the user experience.

5. SEO for local reach. Numerous NDIS providers cater to specific local areas or regions. A web audit can play a pivotal role in optimizing the website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that it ranks prominently in relevant local searches. This improvement can significantly enhance the website's visibility and reach within its target geographic areas.

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Inside the Web Audit Process

NDIS providers requesting a web audit on their website should expect a thorough analysis that provides actionable insights. A complete website audit includes:

  • Technical analysis. This includes assessing website speed, mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility, and overall site functionality. It involves identifying any coding issues or technical glitches affecting user experience.
  • SEO evaluation. A web audit should analyse the website's SEO elements, such as meta tags, keyword usage, and backlink profile. This helps in identifying areas for SEO improvement.
  • Content review. Evaluating the website content's quality, relevance, and engagement level is essential. This involves checking for duplicate content, outdated information, and valuable content creation opportunities.
  • Design and usability assessment. The website's design, layout, and user interface significantly affect user experience. A web audit should review design consistency, navigation, and user interaction elements.
  • Analytics and tracking. Checking the implementation and accuracy of analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) is crucial for measuring website performance accurately. This helps in tracking user behaviour and making data-driven decisions.
  • Security and privacy check. The audit verifies the website's security vulnerabilities, SSL certificate validity, and data protection measures to ensure secure website and user data.
  • Competitor analysis. Understanding how your website compares to competitors can provide valuable insights. This may involve benchmarking against industry standards and identifying opportunities for differentiation.
  • Recommendations and action plan. A comprehensive web audit should conclude with actionable recommendations. These recommendations range from technical fixes and content improvements to design changes and SEO strategies.

Implementing Changes Post-Web Audit

web developer fixing website back-end codes

After receiving the web audit results, NDIS providers can take several strategic steps to maximise the insights gained. Here's a comprehensive guide:

1. Review the audit findings. Understand your website's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

2. Prioritise recommendations. Not all audit findings will require immediate attention. Prioritise the recommendations based on their impact on user experience, accessibility, and overall business goals.

3. Allocate resources. Assign the resources needed, whether personnel, budget, or tools, to execute the action plan effectively.

4. Technical improvements. Work with your Melbourne website development partner to address technical issues, which could involve fixing broken links, optimising website speed, and improving mobile responsiveness.

5. Accessibility compliance. Address any accessibility issues flagged in the audit. Ensure that your website meets relevant accessibility standards for users with disabilities.

6. Security and privacy measures. Enhance your website's security protocols and ensure that user data is protected.

7. Monitor progress. Regularly track the progress of your action plan. Use analytics to measure improvements in website performance and other relevant metrics.

8. Quality assurance. Before implementing changes, thoroughly test your website to ensure everything functions as intended.

9. Continuous improvement. A web audit is not a one-time fix. Regularly conduct follow-up audits to track progress and identify new areas for enhancement as your website and organisation evolve.

Maximise Your NDIS Reach With a Free Website Audit

If you aim to enhance the performance of your NDIS website, consider a web audit as a valuable step. This systematic review assesses your website's components to ensure it remains effective, current, and aligned with user expectations.

At Provider Digital, we have assisted numerous NDIS companies in fulfilling their website development requirements. We strongly recommend a complimentary web audit to help you identify priority areas like SEO and website speed. With our expertise, you can harness your online presence to reach and attract more clients effectively.

Schedule your audit today and take your website to the next level!

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